Draymond Green

USA men’s basketball looking vulnerable, still quarterfinal favorite vs. Argentina

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So much for being the only Olympic men’s basketball superpower – Team USA has been less than the sum of their parts after winning their last two games in Rio de Janeiro by only three points apiece. Team USA’s margin of victory thus is 23.4 points, well below the respective 38.2 and 32.2 of their [more]

MUST WATCH: Steph Curry has some insane passing skills

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When you watch a Warriors game the one thing you can expect is an insane shot from Steph Curry. But on Wednesday, the Jazz game brought us something else. Yes, there was the insanely deep three-pointer. But there was also this: https://vine.co/v/iHiJMpdltjp Turns out Curry has got some insane behind-the-back pass skills too. Who would [more]

Curry doused after Warriors’ win, yells out ‘mother sucker’ (video)

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That’s one way to cool off the hot-shooting Stephen Curry. During his post-game interview after the Warriors just defeated the Hawks to reach 50-5 on the season, Draymond Greene ran by and dumped a cup of cold water on Curry’s head. Curry’s immediate reaction was to scream out “mother sucker” which was much better than [more]