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Panthers draft picks 2020: All of Carolina’s selections, full NFL Draft results, team order

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The Carolina Panthers started off their 2020 NFL Draft by choosing Auburn’s Derrick Brown with the No. 7 pick. Brown’s size combined with his snap quickness makes him a threat on defense, one that could help disrupt opposing offenses. Going into the draft, it was clear the Panthers had some holes to fill on the [more]

2020 NFL Draft first-round predictions: Mock draft, order, picks, projections for tonight’s Day 1 coverage

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NFL Draft first-round predictions: Which players are headed to which teams on Thursday? We've compiled lists to give you a clue. [more]

Here’s how Panthers’ Cam Newton is preparing to be a different kind of QB this season

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Peter King's training camp tour is officially in full swing and this week's column features a rejuvenated and realistic Cam Newton in Carolina. [more]