Tim Layden

Tiz the Law continues dominant campaign with Travers Stakes win

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Tim Layden explores what Tiz the Law's beautiful win in the Travers Stakes means for the horse racing world and for the everyman cheering him on. [more]


Bob Hayes stormed through the ’64 Tokyo Games; Mel Pender’s Olympic moment came later. And then they lived very different lives.

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The two Americans ran seven lanes apart in the 1964 Olympic 100 meters. They ran on a track made of dirt and cinders, rust in color and solid underfoot, yet loose in texture, like a well-traveled country road. It would be the last Olympic track meet on a surface that wasn’t as hard as a [more]

Escapism by sports certainly welcomed, but tricky, in a year full of uncertainty

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There is a recurring theme that has always run through any discussion of spectator sports, which holds that they are a diversion. An escape. A safe haven from the struggles imposed upon humankind by everyday life. Even in simpler times (although times have never been all that simple), this narrative was suspect. It’s true that [more]