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(Video) Tailgating Vikings fan bites heads off of multiple fish

Eric Thompson

The Minnesota Vikings are enjoying a thrilling run of success on the backs of Sam Bradford and Stefon Diggs, and it has Vikings fans very, very excited.

But should it make you so excited that it compels you to bite the heads off of multiple fish at a tailgate? Let’s take a look.

So many questions, the biggest of which is… WHY?

Jarvis Landry pulls an Antonio Brown, jumps on goal post after touchdown

CBS Sports

When you make it into the end zone, you get a chance to celebrate in style. You can spike the ball like Gronk, or maybe do a salsa dance like Victor Cruz.

Or maybe, just maybe, you choose to jump onto and hug the goal post like Antonio Brown did on Sunday Night Football last season.


Here’s Brown’s from last year:

Getty Images

So who did it better: Landry or Brown?

I’m going to go with the originator who did it on the biggest stage: Antonio Brown.

Redskins’ Jamison Crowder burns Giants for 55-Yard touchdown

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The NFC East rivalry between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins is alive and well.

The Redskins had been trailing for the entire game. And then midway through the 3rd quarter, this happened.

Jamison Crowder turned a 3rd and 15 check-down into a go-ahead TD. Not a bad sequence if you’re a Redskins fan.