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2022 HBCU Pigskin Showdown: From the March to the Football Field


NCAA football has its senior bowl. The NFL has its Pro Bowl. The CFL has its All Star awards, and now HBCUs have their very own player showcase: the Pigskin Showdown. 2022 marks the second year of the event after its inaugural occurrence in 2021. 84 HBCU players from across the country will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of scouts, coaches, and executives from both the NFL and CFL. The game will be held on Saturday, December 17 at the David J. Robinson Memorial Stadium on the campus of the Marion Military Institute in Marion, Alabama, and will be broadcast on CNBC and Peacock.

Pigskin Showdown Founders

Both Chris Williams, Executive Director and Co-Founder, and Bryant Grove, Director of Operations and Co- Founder, were quite the football players themselves before becoming professional football coaches and scouts. They have both been involved in the football industry for about 25 years now. Both are natives of Mobile, Alabama, and you might think their lives would have crossed paths at a young age. However, the two grew up living very separate lives until fate stepped in to bring them together to launch what could be the beginning of something historic in the African American community.

How to watch the 2022 HBCU Pigskin Showdown: TV channel, live stream info, for Saturday’s all-star game

History of the event

The cities of Selma and Marion, Alabama sit deep down in the heart of the civil rights movement. Around the mid-1960s, African Americans were on the track to gain voting rights. Like anything else for the African American community back then, it was a difficult road towards equality and opportunity, and several protests were held to get what they wanted and needed. Two of the most memorable marches during this time were held in Selma and Marion.

Just five months after the March on Selma, “The Voting Rights Act of 1965”, was passed. After immeasurable hours of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, yet another goal had been accomplished in the African American community. A goal that would impact generations to come.

Countless times African American history goes unnoticed or uncelebrated, but these two men, Williams and Grove, are determined to “bring light” to a time in our world we tend to let slip our minds. In recent years the demand for students attending HBCUs has significantly increased. Combining that modern trajectory with a respect for history, both Williams and Grove had a vision and took full advantage of the opportunity.

To shine a light on Selma and Marion and that deep history the cities hold, the best way Williams and Grove could think of was to bring a little friendly competition to the area. Not only does the Pigskin Showdown bring attention to those players chosen to participate, but it also educates everyone involved on the importance of voting rights in the African American community.

The game was started with the intention of helping both scouts and players determine if the NFL or CFL was in fact the route to take. This event gives scouts a closer look at players away from their regular teams and teammates, shining a light on their individual talents.

“HBCUs are so important to our nation,” Grove said in an interview with NBC Sports.

This opportunity is one like no other for HBCU football players.  It’s not everyday someone is offered the chance to play in a postseason game in front of scouts, executives, and coaches on a pro level.

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What to expect for this year

There are two teams for the game: Team Selma and Team Marion. Teams are comprised of student-athletes from HBCUs all over, including but not limited to: Jackson State University, Howard University, Southern University, Florida A&M University, and several others. Players are chosen by the founders and the Pigskin Showdown’s newly-hired scouting team. Generally, these players are young men who are already on the NFL or CFL radar. However, the event also features a nomination process for players who may have flown under the radar.

This year the event has solidified attendance from scouting representatives from 20 NFL teams and 2 CFL teams. The game will also be broadcast via Peacock and CNBC at 1 p.m. ET. “This is a great opportunity to give pro prospects even more exposure,” said Williams as he explained the value of the game.

To make the competition more exciting, the mayor from the city representing the winning team will be presented with the game trophy and allowed to keep it until the following year. Each year the competition will get a bit more intense as the showdown starts to gain more and more exposure.

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Future of the Pigskin Showdown

This is just the beginning of the road for Williams, Grove, and the rest of their team. They have no plans of stopping anytime soon. “I can definitely see this program expanding,” Williams said. “Within the next five years I can see the Pigskin Showdown becoming a mini convention where administration and coaches from all HBCUs will be willing to participate.” Cooperation, he said, will not only increase the success of the Showdown but will also grow the success rate of their student-athletes.

From the marches to the football field. Moving from the struggles of voting towards an opportunity of a lifetime. HBCUs are one of the primary links that bind communities all over the nation. They have remained a consistent pillar of prosperity throughout the United States. Through the years the African American community has always found ways to unite and accomplish common goals. The Pigskin Showdown is just another great example of how the community has gotten together to allow our youth to showcase their talents and possibly move up to the next level.

How to watch the 2022 HBCU Pigskin Showdown:

  • Where: Marion Military Institute in Marion, Alabama
  • When: Saturday, December 17
  • Start Time: 1:00 p.m. ET
  • Stream live: Watch on CNBC and Peacock

Author’s Note: Kynnedi Jackson is a junior, aspiring sportswriter and broadcaster currently studying Mass Communication with a focus in Public Relations at Southern University. She began her journey with sports media back in ninth grade within her school’s media department. She now works as an editor and journalist for the school newspaper, Southern Digest. You can follow her on Instagram @kynnedisharee or read her articles on

2022 Bayou Classic: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over


The Bayou Classic is an annual football showdown between two powerhouse Louisiana HBCUs: Southern University in Baton Rouge and Grambling State University in Grambling. When the Classic first began, it started out as just a simple rivalry between the two schools. However, it quickly morphed into more than that: one of the highlights of the football calendar, a week-long celebration, and one of the largest African American gatherings in the United States.

History of the Bayou Classic           

The legendary rivalry between Southern and Grambling began almost a century ago, all the way back in 1932 in Monroe, Louisiana. However, the first official “Bayou Classic” was held in 1974, 42 years later, at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. Fast forward to this Saturday, November 26, the 49th annual Bayou Classic’s kickoff will be held at the Caesars Superdome, home to the New Orleans Saints. To make this Classic even more memorable, the series record is currently tied at 24-24 – Grambling won the first five editions of the “official” Classic (1974 – 1978) and the most recent edition, in 2021. The stakes are higher than ever, making this matchup one of the most interesting Classics in history. The essential question: “Who will take it all?”

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What to know about the 2022 Bayou Classic

With the big tie breaker out in front, the plot thickens with a possible cherry on top for the Jags. Southern (6-4, 4-3) is somehow back in the running for the SWAC West title – they sit second in the conference behind Prairie View (6-5, 5-3), despite an up-and-down season and a shutout loss to Texas Southern (5-6, 4-4) in September. The race for the SWAC West has been incredibly tight. After an unexpected set of losses by Prairie View to Mississippi Valley, 27-7, and Texas Southern to Alabama A&M, 24-20, in Week 12, if Southern wins, they will not only take home the 49th Bayou Classic, but they will also be SWAC West champions. All fans know that the records are far from the most important thing: the true winner is whoever wins the Classic (but a spot at the top of the Western Division is never a bad thing).

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Southern’s season started off great with an exceptional 86-0 win over Florida Memorial. Unfortunately, the following week they fell short, 65-17, to their crosstown rivals, LSU, in a loss that seemingly sapped the Jags of their motivation. However, the game that really hit hard was that 24-0 loss against Texas Southern, which dropped Southern to 1-2. The Jags were still able to regain composure, going on a four-game winning streak until facing SWAC East champions, Jackson State, for a 35-0 loss in October. That was followed by another loss to Florida A&M University (FAMU), 30-16. But Southern bounced back with a 27-7 win over Mississippi Valley State to regain momentum entering the Classic.

Grambling (3-5, 2-7) on the other hand started off the season much rockier, losing six of their first seven games. However, they were able to get things together for two games (wins against Alcorn State and Arkansas-Pine Bluff) before visiting Texas Southern, where they lost 41-7. With the highly-motivated Jaguars as their next opponents, Grambling knows they have a tough task to complete, but they are definitely not going to let up.

For both teams, many will argue there is something greater than the SWAC West championship at stake: it’s those historic bragging rights. Grambling, who has had quite the challenging season, would want nothing more but to upset Southern and up-end their hopes for the SWAC West championship, bringing the bragging rights back up to North Louisiana along the way. When it comes to the Bayou Classic, records don’t tell the whole story. It’s all about pride, history, and Legacy. The team that wants it more shall be the victor.

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The game has quickly changed from two rivals fighting for bragging rights into one of them fighting for it all. A game of pride and status between the two schools has become a game of possibilities for Southern, giving Grambling the ultimate chance to become the spoiler.

For both teams the mission is clear. For Grambling: win the game, hold on to the bragging rights. For Southern: win the game, win the championship, win it all. Both teams are going in head-first to complete their missions by any means necessary.

For fans, this is definitely a game to remember. As for all SWAC, Southern, and Grambling fans, let us remember that a little competition is good for the soul. No matter the outcome, it’s all SWAC love!

How to Watch the 2022 Bayou Classic

Southern and Grambling will face off Saturday, November 27th at 2pm ET on NBC and Peacock. Halftime of Saturday’s game will include a presentation of the Battle of the Bands, the celebrated tradition between the Southern and Grambling State marching bands.

Author’s Note: Kynnedi Jackson is a junior, aspiring sportswriter and broadcaster currently studying Mass Communication with a focus in Public Relations at Southern University. She began her journey with sports media back in ninth grade within her school’s media department. She now works as an editor and journalist for the school newspaper, Southern Digest. You can follow her on Instagram @kynnedisharee or read her articles on