Rising Star: Bryan Scott emerging as a top QB in USFL


A teenage Bryan Scott had a simple wish: To be the starting varsity quarterback at Palos Verdes (Calif.) High School for his 2012 senior season.

He got his wish and then some. Scott not only won the starting job but helped lead the Sea Kings to their first California Interscholastic Federation title in nearly 50 years.

With no plans to pursue college football, he was perfectly content to leave it at that.

“I was so happy,” Scott – now the 26-year-old quarterback of the USFL’s Philadelphia Stars – recalled this week to NBC Sports. “You wanna talk about me at the beginning of the season, saying, ‘All I want to do is start, that’s it, that’s all I care about,’ to us winning (a title) for the first time in (nearly) 50 years? I’m on top of the world. I don’t care if I ever play another snap of football ever again.

“I was like, ‘Alright, I did it! I did it! I don’t need to prove any more, I’ve got a high school ring!’ Friday Night Lights, best time of my life. But ultimately, I got invited to play in this All-Star game and I’m like, ‘Screw it, I’ll strap it up one more time.'”

One more time has become many more times – through four seasons at Div. III Occidental College in Los Angeles, visits with multiple NFL teams, and two MVP awards and a championship in The Spring League, where he and many of his Stars teammates first played under Stars head coach Bart Andrus.

USFL Week 3: New Jersey Generals (1-1) vs Philadelphia Stars (1-1)

  • When: Sunday, May 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Peacock
  • Where: Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Live Stream: Peacock

Now, he’s starting to make his mark in the USFL. Entering the Stars’ Sunday night game against the New Jersey Generals, Scott leads the league in multiple passing categories, including yards (474), completion percentage (70.8%), and touchdowns (4). The Stars come off a 30-23 win last week over the Pittsburgh Maulers in which Scott threw for 272 yards and scored four total touchdowns (three pass, one rush).

First place in the North Division will be on the line between the Stars and Generals. Keep in mind that only the top two teams in both the North and South Divisions will make the USFL Playoffs following the end of the 10-week regular season.

There are important stakes in this Week 3 matchup. Scott relishes these spots. But he didn’t always enjoy them, even as he grew up playing three sports – football, basketball and baseball.

“I look back on it and I didn’t really realize it until I became a professional athlete, but all the things that I played when I was younger and my Dad (Bob Scott) coaching me and putting me in all these pressure situations has truly helped me as I’ve gotten older,” Scott said.

“Because I didn’t want to go in when I was 10 years old, 11 years old. I (didn’t want to) have to go win the game and get three outs. But I’m happy that my Dad made me do that because now I’m used to it. Now I want it. Now I want the ball.”

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He entered another “pressure situation” upon arriving at Occidental College, after their head coach, Doug Semones, had recruited him at that aforementioned All-Star game.

Scott, who committed to “Oxy” following his first recruiting visit there, became the Tigers’ starting quarterback as a 17-year-old true freshman. It was a heavy burden.

“I’ve got 22-year-olds in their senior season and this is their last go of ever playing football,” Scott said of the situation. “So it takes a little bit of leadership and responsibility and ownership when things are going good and things aren’t going good.

“I was forced into something as a young man. How am I going to respond? How am I going to react to the guys (for whom) this is their last go? It pushed me to be the very best person, the best leader and the best player I could be – not for myself, but for those guys. Because I understood how much it meant to them.”

Scott was up to the challenge. He went on to set numerous school and conference passing records over 2013-16 at Occidental. The school discontinued football in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Two years after graduating, the next test for Scott came in The Spring League in 2018.

He had some NFL tryout experience under his belt at this point (Rams, 2017). But in the TSL, he found himself going throw-for-throw against players he watched on television.

One of them was past Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, whose memorable college career had left Scott in awe.

“When I was in college – Johnny Manziel walked on water,” said Scott, who added that he still has a lot of respect for him. “I was watching Johnny Manziel highlight tapes. Johnny Manziel was the guy. He was unbelievable. I’d never seen anything like him.

“Then, in 2018, I’m going against him! I’m playing against him. And we ended up winning the game. I threw five straight touchdowns to beat him. When that happened, the little switch in my head went off. ‘Bryan, you can do this. Bryan, you can play at this level.’

He went on to win the TSL’s MVP award that season and earned tryouts with the Chiefs and Falcons.

Two years later in the TSL, he won another MVP award and the championship playing on an Andrus-coached team called – ironically, especially this week – the Generals.

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Following the 2020 season, Scott worked out with the Saints and Colts. According to Scott, the Saints told him they were going to sign him after the 2021 NFL Draft if they didn’t select a quarterback. They did, selecting Notre Dame’s Ian Book in the fourth round.

Not wanting to be merely an NFL “camp arm,” Scott set his sights on the new USFL when the league was announced last June.

“I’m familiar with Brian Woods, who’s the president of the (USFL) and he ran The Spring League, so I knew I’d get the opportunity,” he said. “Since June, I was locked in on playing in this. I got myself in the best shape I could possibly get myself and worked on the little things that I needed to correct in my game.

“From there, since June, I’ve just been waiting for this opportunity. I’m extremely excited and blessed and enjoying the moment right now for what it is because I think it’s a great league. There’s a lot of positives to this thing and I’m excited to see how it grows and I’m excited to see how we continue to progress as a team.”

Like many in the USFL, Scott’s ultimate goal is to be, in his words, “an asset to an NFL team, on and off the field.” But while he hasn’t yet cemented himself at the top level of pro football, he refuses to have a chip on his shoulder about it.

He credits that to everyone who’s supported him on his journey – family, friends, his former teammates at Occidental, his current teammates with the Stars. To him, it’s better seeking to reward their faith than to prove doubters wrong.

“Love is way more stronger than hate and I play for the people that love me,” he said of his mentality.

“I play for the people that wanna see me go out there and see me throw five touchdowns and lead a game winning drive. … When I step on the field, I’m going to prove them right, not the people waiting to see me do something wrong. For me, it’s really an easy choice.

“No matter what, I would rather live like that than live the other way.”

First and 10 with Bryan Scott 

10 quick questions to get to know the new talent of the USFL

Pre-game ritual?

“I listen to a couple songs, go out there, do a stretch, throw a little bit. One thing I do that’s a little different is when I throw in my warmup, I always throw on the hash marks. I’ll throw about 10 yards apart, then I’ll back up to 15, 20, 25, 30, so on and so forth. But I like to throw right on the hash marks to make sure, if I’m off – left or right, up or down – that I’m able to see how I’m off and how I need to correct it.”

Post-game ritual?

“I just pray and thank God, either that I’m safe or my teammates are safe or that I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

Favorite football player?

“I would say the player I have the absolute most respect for has got to be Tom Brady.”

Favorite movie?

“I would say The Dark Knight and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.”

Favorite vacation spot?

“It’s gotta be Maui or Kauai with my family.”

Favorite food?

“I like chicken fingers a lot.”

Most famous person you’ve met outside of football?

“I met Will Ferrell. … Just saw him, introduced myself – ‘Dude, you’re really funny. Appreciate the laughs.’ I wish I got to meet Kobe (Bryant) or Drake, though. Those are my two guys.”

How would your family and friends describe you as a person?

“I would probably say confident and sweet, or loving.”

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

“I could give you 10 things. (Laughs). Nah, probably nothing, man. I’ve been extremely blessed all my life and God’s given me so much already, so – nothing. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Name one thing about yourself that not everybody knows about you.

“I like to surf. I wouldn’t call myself a surfer, but I can surf. I mean, I grew up in Southern California my entire life. My Dad is a huge paddle surfer, so sometimes, he’ll pull me out there and let me surf with him. That’s something I love to do, spend time with my Dad out there.”

How to watch USFL Week 3 – Maulers vs Panthers, Generals vs Stars

Saturday, April 30

  • Tampa Bay Bandits at Houston Gamblers, 4:00 p.m. ET on Fox
  • Birmingham Stallions at New Orleans Breakers, 7:00 p.m. ET on Fox

Sunday, May 1

2023 USFL Week 8 Schedule: How to watch Gamblers vs Maulers, Stars vs Stallions start times, live stream info


Week 8 of the 2023 USFL season  features four games you don’t want to miss. First, on Saturday, June 3 it’s the Houston Gamblers (4-3) vs Pittsburgh Maulers (2-5) at 12:00 PM ET on USA Network and Peacock. Then at 3:00 PM, the Philadelphia Stars (4-3) will go head-to-head with the Birmingham Stallions (5-2) on NBC and Peacock.

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On Sunday, June 4, the USFL excitement starts at 1:00 PM with a Memphis Showboats (4-3) vs New Jersey Generals match up. Then, at 4:00 PM the Michigan Panthers (3-4) face the the New Orleans Breakers (4-3) to cap off the night. See below for additional information on how to watch/live stream each game this weekend.

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Saturday, June 3:

Houston Gamblers at Pittsburgh Maulers – 12 p.m. (USA and Peacock)

Philadelphia Stars at Birmingham Stallions – 3 p.m. (NBC and Peacock)

Sunday, June 4:

Memphis Showboats at New Jersey Generals – 1 p.m. (FOX)

Michigan Panthers at New Orleans Breakers – 4 p.m. (FOX)

Where are the new locations for the 2023 USFL Season?

The 2023 USFL season will feature four host cities: Detroit, Memphis, Canton, Ohio and Birmingham, Alabama.

  • The New Jersey Generals and Pittsburgh Maulers will be hosted in Canton, Ohio at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.
  • The Birmingham Stallions and New Orleans Breakers will be hosted in Birmingham at Protective Stadium.
  • The Michigan Panthers and Philadelphia Stars will be hosted in Detroit, Michigan at Ford Field.
  • The Memphis Showboats and Houston Gamblers will be hosted in Memphis, Tennessee at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium.

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How can I watch USFL games on Peacock?

Sign up here to watch all of our LIVE sports, sports shows, documentaries, classic matches, and more. You’ll also get tons of new & hit movies and TV shows, including Peacock Originals and current hits from NBC and Bravo. There’s always something new to discover.

What devices does Peacock support?

You can enjoy Peacock on a variety of devices. View the full list of supported devices here.

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2023 USFL Season Schedule: Dates, times, locations, new teams, playoff format, scores, and more


The 2023 USFL Season kicks off on Saturday, April 15 and Sunday, April 16 with four thrilling games. First, the Philadelphia Stars will take on the Memphis Showboats at 4:30 PM ET followed by a New Jersey Generals vs Birmingham Stallions match up at 7:30 PM ET. On Sunday, the Michigan Panthers will go head-to-head with the Houston Gamblers at noon, followed by a Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Orleans Breakers match up at 6:30 PM.

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Season 2 of the USFL features four host cities–Detroit, Memphis, Canton, and Birmingham. This is a significant change from last year when all 10-regular season games were contested in Birmingham, Alabama and playoff games took place in Canton, Ohio. Additionally, the 2023 season will also feature a new team. The Tampa Bay Bandits will now be called the Memphis Showboats. Memphis was one of the original teams featured in the first edition of the USFL.

See below for the full 2023 USFL Season Schedule as well as answers to any questions you may have before the upcoming season. Be sure to check back for the latest updates to the schedule.

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How many teams are in the USFL?

There are a total of 8 teams in the USFL that make up two divisions:

North Division:

  • Michigan Panthers
  • New Jersey Generals
  • Philadelphia Stars
  • Pittsburgh Maulers

South Division:

  • Birmingham Stallions
  • Houston Gamblers
  • New Orleans Breakers
  • Memphis Showboats

Where will games be contested during the 2023 USFL Season?

The 2023 USFL season will feature four host cities: Detroit, Memphis, Canton, Ohio and Birmingham, Alabama.

  • The New Jersey Generals and Pittsburgh Maulers will be hosted in Canton, Ohio at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.
  • The Birmingham Stallions and New Orleans Breakers will be hosted in Birmingham at Protective Stadium.
  • The Michigan Panthers and Philadelphia Stars will be hosted in Detroit, Michigan at Ford Field.
  • The Memphis Showboats and Houston Gamblers will be hosted in Memphis, Tennessee at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium.

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How many weeks are in the USFL’s regular season?

There are 10 weeks in the regular season. Each team will go head-to-head with division rivals twice and face off against teams of the opposite division once.

How will 2023 USFL playoffs work?

After the 10 week regular season comes to a close, the top two teams from each division will go head-to-head in two playoff games in late June, with the winners advancing to the USFL Championship game at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.

2023 USFL Season Schedule:

*All times are listed as ET


Saturday, April 15
Philadelphia Stars 27, Memphis Showboats 23
Birmingham Stallions 27, New Jersey Generals 10

Sunday, April 16
Michigan Panthers 29, Houston Gamblers 13 
New Orleans Breakers 22, Pittsburgh Maulers 15


Saturday, April 22
New Orleans Breakers 38, Houston Gamblers 31 
Birmingham Stallions 42, Memphis Showboats 2

Sunday, April 23
New Jersey Generals 20, Pittsburgh Maulers 3 
Michigan Panthers 24, Philadelphia Stars 10


Saturday, April 29
New Orleans Breakers 45, Birmingham Stallions 31
Houston Gamblers 30, Memphis Showboats 26 

Sunday, April 30
Pittsburgh Maulers 21, Philadelphia Stars 13
New Jersey Generals 28, Michigan Panthers 13 


Saturday, May 6

Houston Gamblers 41, Philadelphia Stars 16
Memphis Showboats 29,  Michigan Panthers 10

Saturday, May 7

New Orleans Breakers 20, New Jersey Generals 17
Birmingham Stallions 24, Pittsburgh Maulers 20


Saturday, May 13
Pittsburgh Maulers 23,  Michigan Panthers 7
Houston Gamblers 27, Birmingham Stallions 20

Sunday, May 14
Philadelphia Stars 24, New Jersey Generals 21 
Memphis Showboats 17,  New Orleans Breakers 10


Saturday, May 20
Memphis Showboats 22, Pittsburgh Maulers 0
Birmingham Stallions 27, Michigan Panthers 13

Sunday, May 21
Philadelphia Stars 16, New Orleans Breakers 10
Houston Gamblers 16, New Jersey Generals 10


Saturday, May 27
Birmingham Stallions 24, New Orleans 20
Philadelphia Stars 37, Pittsburgh Maulers 31

Sunday, May 28
Memphis Showboats 23, Houston Gamblers 20
Michigan Panthers 25, New Jersey Generals 22


Saturday, June 3
Houston at Pittsburgh – 12 p.m. (USA and Peacock)
Philadelphia at Birmingham – 3 p.m. (NBC and Peacock)

Sunday, June 4
Memphis at New Jersey – 1 p.m. (FOX)
Michigan at New Orleans – 4 p.m. (FOX)


Saturday, June 10
Michigan at Pittsburgh – 12 p.m. (FOX)
New Orleans at Memphis – 3 p.m. (NBC and Peacock)

Sunday, June 11
Birmingham at Houston – 2 p.m. (NBC and Peacock)
Philadelphia at New Jersey – 7 p.m. (FOX)


Saturday, June 17
Pittsburgh at New Jersey – 1 p.m. (USA and Peacock)
Birmingham at Memphis – 4 p.m. (FOX)

Sunday, June 18
New Orleans at Houston – 4 p.m. (FS1)
Philadelphia at Michigan – 7 p.m. (FOX)

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