Which NFL teams have the most playoff appearances entering the 2022 NFL Playoffs?


The quest for the 2022 NFL playoffs is heating up as teams enter the finals weeks of the season. For some teams, the postseason is familiar territory. But for others, playoff appearances are rare.

Due to the expansion of the NFL playoffs in 2020 in which the number of postseason teams grew from 12 to 14, more teams than ever before have the chance to play for the Lombardi Trophy.

Which team has the most playoff appearances in NFL history?

The Green Bay Packers have historically dominated the postseason with a league-leading 34 playoff appearances. The Dallas Cowboys have the second-most appearances in NFL history with 33, but they failed to make the playoffs the past two seasons. The Packers, meanwhile, posted back-to-back 13-win seasons in 2019-20 and advanced to the conference championship both years before falling short twice. Green Bay has won a total of 13 league championships, the most in the NFL.

Meanwhile, the New England Patriots have dominated the playoffs in the NFL’s modern era with 17 postseason appearances since 2000 and 27 total appearances. Before last season, the team’s first without Tom Brady at quarterback, the Patriots had advanced to 11 straight postseasons.

The Kansas City Chiefs have emerged as a recent challenger to the Patriots’ postseason legacy. The Chiefs have advanced to six straight postseasons, including two straight Super Bowls. Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to a victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, but lost to Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV.

There are other NFL franchises near the top of the all-time playoff appearances list who have not been recent contenders in the postseason. The New York Giants have the third-most playoff appearances of all time but have not seen playoff action since 2016 and they have only advanced to the postseason twice in the last decade. Similarly, the Cleveland Browns are within the top 10 of the league but they have made just one playoff appearance since 2002.

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Which team has the fewest playoff appearances in NFL history?

Meanwhile, the bottom five teams in the NFL have 11 or less playoff appearances. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers round out the bottom five teams in the league with 11 postseason appearances in franchise history. When the Buccaneers advanced to the playoffs last season (and eventually went on to win Super Bowl LV over the Kansas City Chiefs), they snapped the second-longest active postseason drought. In his first year in Tampa Bay, Tom Brady led the Bucs to the playoffs for the first time in 12 seasons.

The Arizona Cardinals have the fourth-least playoff appearances in NFL history with 10. Arizona has not advanced to the postseason since 2015, which is the longest drought in the NFC. But the Cardinals are on pace to break that streak this season as they have occupied the top spot in the NFC for many weeks and were the first team this season to reach 10 wins.

The Carolina Panthers (8), Jacksonville Jaguars (7) and Houston Texans (6) are the three teams in the league that have less than 10 playoff appearances. Those numbers are unlikely to improve this season as each of the three teams has a record below .500. The last of these three teams to make the playoffs were the Texans, who advanced to the divisional round of the postseason in 2019.

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All-time playoff appearances by each team:

Green Bay Packers: 34

Dallas Cowboys: 33

New York Giants: 32

Pittsburgh Steelers: 32

Los Angeles Rams: 30

Minnesota Vikings: 30

Indianapolis Colts: 29

Chicago Bears: 27

New England Patriots: 27

Philadelphia Eagles: 27

San Francisco 49ers: 26

Cleveland Browns: 25

Washington Football Team: 25

Tennessee Titans: 24

Kansas City Chiefs: 23

Miami Dolphins: 23

Denver Broncos: 22

Las Vegas Raiders: 22

Buffalo Bills: 20

Los Angeles Chargers: 19

Seattle Seahawks: 19

Detroit Lions: 17

Atlanta Falcons: 14

Cincinnati Bengals: 14

New Orleans Saints: 14

New York Jets: 14

Baltimore Ravens: 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 11

Arizona Cardinals: 10

Carolina Panthers: 8

Jacksonville Jaguars: 7

Houston Texans: 6

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