Watch Stephen Curry, Charles Barkley, and others in ‘Race and Sports in America: Conversations’


The American Century Championship took place this weekend at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Nevada. At the event, GOLF Channel’s Damon Hack hosted a series of round table discussions about race, social justice, and inequality with the following celebrities:

  • Two-time NBA MVP, Stephen Curry
  • NBA Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley
  • World Long Drive Champion, Troy Mullins
  • Tennis Player, James Blake
  • MLB Hall of Famer, Ozzie Smith
  • Former MLB player, Jimmy Rollins
  • L.A. Chargers Head Coach, Anthony Lynn
  • Minnesota Vikings Tight End, Kyle Rudolph

The panel titled Race and Sports in America: Conversations will air tonight at 8 P.M. ET on the GOLF Channel, NBCSN, Olympic Channel, and NBC Sports Regional Networks. There will also be an extended interview with NFL Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis on NBC Sports’ digital and podcast platforms. Below is a preview of what some of the athletes said.

Notable Quotes

Charles Barkley:

“I challenge every person, not just Black, not just White, not just Hispanic, not rich, not poor, but what are you doing to make your community number one, what are you doing to make your life better, but also what are you doing to make your community better?  Everybody has to answer their own personal question.”

Stephen Curry:

“Everybody has a role in this, like you said.  You think about the protests, you said, the participation on every different side of the conversation, to the impact of social media, people just posting and reposting and sharing information.  That’s important.  You’ve got real life activists that do this for a living and now we just need to support them.  Send resources; volunteer your time; put them on a pedestal, because we don’t know all the answers.  We all have the ability to kind of ignite those kind of efforts and again be able to put people in position to really make change. “

 Anthony Lynn:

“I had the conversation with my grandfather about how to deal with police—to not get arrested, if I wanted to stay alive.  And it was very uncomfortable when I had to have that conversation with my son when he turned 16.  But I desperately feel like we needed to have that talk.“

“I’d love for society to look like a football team.  We’ve had these conversations with coaches and players and even guys from other teams about how do we accomplish this.  You have a group of guys, sometimes they grow up and they’re taught to hate each other.  But they come together under certain circumstances and they grind every day and they get to know one another, and they trust one another and they become like brothers. “

James Blake on his mistaken 2015 arrest and the murder of George Floyd:

“First of all, I think we wouldn’t be talking about this if that didn’t happen.  But I also think we clearly wouldn’t be having this conversation if it wasn’t on video.  That’s what’s changed so much in the past few years about this, is this has been going on and has been yelled and screamed about by the Black community for a long time… It happened to me.  I was tackled in broad daylight for no reason.  And if there wasn’t a video, I don’t think the world would have believed me over the police officer’s word.  And I think that’s what’s been happening for so long.  And I agree. It’s shocking. It’s awful.  But people are now ready to listen and ready to learn. “

71 celebrities including NFL stars Patrick Mahomes, Tony Romo, and Aaron Rodgers, competed in the three-day tournament where they raised over $600,000 for the Equal Justice Initiative, Lake Tahoe regional non-profits, and other organizations supporting COVID-19 relief. U.S. Davis Cup Captain Mardy Fish won the tournament.