NBCSN to air nightly programming from NBC Sports’ vault of historic games, beginning May 18

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Starting on Monday, May 18, NBCSN will continue to take sports fans through some of the most memorable sporting events in recent history.

“NBCS Sports From the Vault” rolls on with a recount of classic sporting events from the past 40 years, from the 1980 Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Final to the 1990 and 1991 Orange Bowl showdowns between Notre Dame and Colorado.

Also airing are performances from a number of iconic athletes and teams. In golf, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will be on display, while tennis stars Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams will also be featured. In addition, “From the Vault” will showcase a variety of legendary teams, from the 1986 New York Mets to the 1990s Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

A number of former players will also provide commentary on classic matchups, including 1990 Heisman runner-up Rocket Ismail, All-American Reggie Brooks, 1988 World Series MVP and former L.A. Dodgers pitcher Orel Hershiser and fomer New York Mets pitcher Ron Darling.

Each game presentation will also have a specialized ticker with live tweets. Fans can tweet using #NBCSNVault for the chance to have their tweets shown live on the air.

Here is the complete schedule for each night’s content “From the Vault”:

Monday, May 18: Breakfast at Wimbledon

2003 Wimbledon Ladies’ Final 7 p.m. NBCSN
1980 Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Final 9:30 p.m. NBCSN
1999 Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Final 12:30 a.m. NBCSN

Tuesday, May 19: Breakfast at Wimbledon

2008 Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Final 7 p.m. NBCSN
2009 Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Final 10 p.m. NBCSN
2005 Wimbledon Ladies’ Final 1 a.m. NBCSN

Wednesday, May 20: French Open

2006 French Open Men’s Final 7 p.m. NBCSN
2011 French Open Men’s Final 10 p.m. NBCSN
2005 French Open Men’s Final 12:30 a.m. NBCSN

Thursday, May 21: Notre Dame Football

No. 8 Notre Dame vs. No 22 Penn State (1992 Snow Bowl) 7 p.m. NBCSN
No. 4 Notre Dame vs. No. 1 Colorado (1990 Orange Bowl) 9:30 p.m. NBCSN
No. 5 Notre Dame vs. No. 1 Colorado (1991 Orange Bowl) Midnight NBCSN

Friday, May 22: MLB Classics

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletes (1988 World Series, Game 1) 7 p.m. NBCSN
New York Mets vs. Boston Red Sox (1986 World Series, Game 6) 9:30 p.m. NBCSN
New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles (1996 ALCS Series, Game 1) Midnight NBCSN

Saturday, May 23: PGA TOUR (Arnold Palmer Invitational) and Ryder Cup

1999 Ryder Cup 8 p.m. NBCSN
1997 Arnold Palmer Invitational 1:30 a.m. NBCSN

Sunday, May 24: PGA TOUR (THE PLAYERS Championship) and Ryder Cup

2012 Ryder Cup 8 p.m. NBCSN
2013 THE PLAYERS Championship 1 a.m. NBCSN

Programming will also be available to stream on NBCSports.com and the NBC Sports app.