Why the Seahawks won the Jadeveon Clowney trade

Getty Images

Everyone knows that. Houston wasn’t going to pay Clowney top-of-market money, and the Texans should have been more aggressive in trying to move him before the July 15 deadline when Clowney could have signed a multi-year deal this year. I think Houston just figured Clowney would come in and play for the franchise number, but as the season got closer and Clowney dug in, the Texans saw that he might continue to hold out and not show up. So Houston mis-read the market. Where it’s a good deal for Seattle: Clowney cost a third-round pick plus two expendable players, and he’ll be motivated to play great and earn a mega-deal somewhere in free agency in 2020. Even if he doesn’t sign long-term in Seattle, the Seahawks are likely to get a third-round compensatory pick in 2021 to sub for the third-rounder in 2020 they paid Houston.

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