Jordan Peele isn’t Jordan Poole, but he’ll take the compliments anyway

Getty Images

A lot of people only watch college basketball during the NCAA Tournament, so you’ll forgive them if they get a little confused sometimes. For example, when they mix up Michigan’s second round hero Jordan Poole with “Get Out” director Jordan Peele.

Poole catapulted himself into the public consciousness with a ridiculous buzzer-beater to give Michigan the 64-63 win over Houston. Well-wishers took to Twitter to congratulate him, but a different – but close! – name pops up when you search @JordanP: Peele’s handle, @JordanPeele. Poole’s is @JordanPoole_2.

Peele was more than happy to accept the congratulations. All those hours in the gym finally paid off for him.

To be fair, Peele has hit a game-winner before (and gave a pretty motivational post-game speech).

Poole, for his part, didn’t seem too upset at being mixed up with one of the hottest writers and directors in Hollywood right now.

In the realm of mistagged tweets, this went pretty well, considering most people on Twitter are mean. Peele could have just as easily been receiving misplaced insults if Poole had turned the ball over instead of saving Michigan’s season.

Now that they’ve been linked up on Twitter, people think Poole has earned an appearance in Peele’s next project. Maybe if the Wolverines complete their run to the National Championship?