Wiggins hints that he might extend his career

Getty Images

GHENT, Belgium — Bradley Wiggins hinted on Sunday that he might extend his career after winning what was expected to be his final professional race.

Wiggins, the most decorated Olympian in British history, won the Ghent Six Days event with Mark Cavendish on the boards of the `t Kuipke velodrome where, as a child, he had watched his father compete.

Wiggins, who also won the race in 2003 in the city where he was born 36 years ago, said: “This will be the last time we race together, for sure. Maybe not my last individually, but as a pairing, given what we have achieved together, it’s incredible.”

Wiggins has won eight Olympic medals and became the first British rider to win the Tour de France in 2012.

The Ghent event is a cycling marathon for pairs of riders. Past winners include Belgian legend Eddy Merckx.