Alabama’s Nick Saban used football, baseball to get out of accordion lessons


Nick Saban could have been one of the world’s greatest accordion players.

Instead, he became one of college football’s legendary coaches.

The Crimson Tide football coach said on The Dan Patrick Show that his grandmother mandated that all of the Saban kids take accordion lessons.

Saban figured out at age nine that if he played baseball and football, he could get out of those Grandma Saban-mandated accordion lessons. Here’s the story, which is about two minutes into the video above:

“One of the reasons I got into sports was Grandma Saban made everyone take accordion, all the kids, so I used to hate going to lessons. I used to hate practicing. So I found out at about nine years old that if I played baseball and football and all that stuff, that’s one way I could get out of taking accordion lessons. That’s why I got into sports.”

Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo plays the accordion too. Maybe the two greats played together while they were assistant coaches at Michigan State in the 1980s?