WWE’s Rhyno wins Republican Primary for Michigan’s House of Representatives seat


The newest member of Michigan’s House of Representatives isn’t just a man, he’s a man-beast.

Current WWE wrestler Rhyno (real name Terrance Gerin) won the Republican primary for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives. He squeaked out the victory by just 54 votes.

Rhyno returned to the ring last year as a surprise on WWE’s developmental brand NXT. He made a brief appearance on the main roster in early December, but then disappeared again until his return on SmackDown Live last week.

Gerin will square off against Democrat Adbullah Hammoud in November. Hammoud better watch out, otherwise he could end up like all of these chums:



Rhyno isn’t the only wrestler with political dreams, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs is considering a 2018 run for the mayor seat in Knox County, Tennessee.