Vice Presidential candidate and Mizzou alum Tim Kaine says he’s a Kansas fan

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Duke-North Carolina, Michigan-Ohio State, Alabama-Auburn, Kansas-Mizzou are some of the most unforgiving college rivalries.

Families are divided, team names aren’t spoken and don’t even consider wearing the other team’s colors on gameday.

Could votes be cost? For Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine, it is a possibility. Hillary Clinton’s running mate is a 1979 Mizzou alum, but revealed in a 2008 interview with The Washington Post that he is an avid Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan.

The Virginia governor grew up in Overland Park, Kan., and is an avowed Jayhawks fan. Back in 2005, he called them his favorite team. But not, as it turns out, on the gridiron.

“I root for the Jayhawks in basketball,” Kaine told us yesterday. “I’ve never been a KU football fan.”

The Kansas football team didn’t win a single game last season.

Back to the issue at hand, this is like telling a Boston Red Sox fan that Aaron Boone is one of the greatest players. Or saying to a North Carolina fan that J.J. Redick is a perfect example of sportsmanship.

Kaine also said that both of his parents went to Kansas State, while he attended Mizzou, so it sounds like the rivalries didn’t matter too much in the Kaine household.

Maybe he’ll start a Rock Chalk chant during the Democratic National Convention or have the audience Wave the Wheat.