College All-Stars hit home-runs into Lake Michigan


What could be more perfect than a night of fireworks, boats, and baseball?

The Northwoods League, composed of college baseball players, held their All-Star festivities over the weekend in spectacular fashion. Over 3,000 fans showed up to Kenosha Harbor to watch 18 amateurs compete in an event unlike any other: A home-run derby over Lake Michigan.

Maybe Major League Baseball should take a look at the Northwoods League to rejuvenate interest in All-Star festivities.

Grandma drops photo bomb of the year


The art of the photo bomb is one commonly practiced by millennials at sporting events.

With rivals TCU and Texas A&M playing for a trip to the College World Series, the stage was set for a photo bomb of epic proportions. It’s no surprise that someone took advantage of the big event but the culprit is quite a few generations older than the typical photo bomber which makes the video even more amazing.

It seems that the baby boomers take home the award for best photobomb so far this year.  Whether is was purposefully planned or if the woman was trying to wave to her grandchildren or a fellow bingo league member is up to interpretation. The women has received much praise for her hilarious interruption from all corners of the internet but it remains unclear if she has discovered her new found fame.