There was a Pikachu on Nick Saban’s desk this morning

Getty Images

Nobody is safe from Pokemon Go.

People are walking into doors, falling off of cliffs, finding dead bodies, and possibly even dying themselves (has there been a death yet?) all for the sake of this game.

And you can now add “losing their jobs” to that list thanks to Randall Spain, Alabama’s recruiting specialist and creative media assistant who found a Pikachu on Nick Saban’s desk.

Spain tweeted this photo from the game, with an ever-cheerful, ever-yellow Pikachu smirking cutely on top of Saban’s work space.

Now, I don’t play Pokemon Go and I did not partake in the original Pokemon craze that captured the hearts and minds of nerds everywhere from the late 90’s to the early 00’s. But I know that Pikachu is peak Pokemon, probably pretty rare to find (this is entirely a guess by the way), and that if you see one, you’d be insane to pass it up.

But I think you’d be more insane to walk inside Nick Saban’s office to get it.

There’s no way that Coach has an open-door policy for his office, so Spain took his first risk by even considering walking into that office without Saban there.

The second risk? Actually taking the Pikachu. I don’t know if Saban plays the game, but in the slim chance that he does and out of sheer respect for him, you just have to leave that Pokemon be. That Pikachu is Saban’s and Saban’s only.

And if walking into Coach’s office uninvited and taking his Pikachu isn’t bad enough, Spain decided to tweet about it. Forget the fact that tossing out this tweet is basically the same as turning in a resignation letter, now the whole world knows that there’s a Pikachu on Saban’s desk. You just know that more of the Pokemon Go-playing staff saw that tweet and went running for a chance to snipe it. And if that’s the case, well, who knows if ‘bama will have a coaching staff tomorrow.

Moral of the story: watch where you Pokemon and Go.