Gronk played air guitar onstage with Paul McCartney

Getty Images

You have Paul McCartney and Bob Weir on stage at Fenway Park, what more could you need?

Gronk. You need Gronk.

Boston’s resident party animal/original goon Rob Gronkowski crashed Paul McCartney’s Fenway stage Sunday night. And, in typical Gronk fashion, he stole the show.

Gronk rocked out on air-guitar while rock legend Bob Weir rocked out on real-guitar and it was nothing short of amazing.

He also sang a little bit too and it actually sounded pretty good (i.e. I was expecting worse).

One major takeaway from this event: Gronk is going to make a great dad one day. Try arguing that after watching this video, you can’t.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, here comes Rob Gronkowski throwing down the air guitar and dorky dance moves like your typical American dad. What a refreshing sight.

Ain’t no party like a McCartney/Weir/Gronk party.