Brady, Ortiz, and Edelman all helping out with the KD recruitment effort

Getty Images

If you’re trying to recruit Kevin Durant to play for your team, your first thought is naturally to empty your wallet right? Or write a blank check, maybe? Basically, just start throwing money at him and hope it’s more than the other guy.

Well, not if you’re the Celtics. If you’re Boston, your first thought is, naturally: bring in Brady. And so here’s TB12 in the flesh, strolling through the Hampton streets to make a celeb cameo at Durant’s meeting with the C’s.

Nothing is going to make anyone want to come to Boston more than the classic “We have Brady” line, right? Well that’s exactly the kind of Boston charm that the Celtics are hoping will drive KD to sign.

(Side note: I’m on the lookout to see if any Super Bowl rings made an appearance in that meeting. I guarantee Brady sat there tapping those ringed fingers on the table to send that ‘subtle’ championship message.  “Hey Kev, this is entirely irrelevant to you but just in case you didn’t know, we’ve (I’ve) won four Super Bowls. Come to Boston!”-TB)

But Brady isn’t the only one that has enlisted to help the recruitment cause: fellow Patriot Julian Edelman sent out a Boston-promotional tweet with a not-so-subtle @KD tag.

And just in case the Pats don’t do it for Durant, Big Papi himself sent out a nice personal message to the prospect.

I don’t know what else Kevin Durant could possibly need here. (A big fat check probably, but that’s beside the point). I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Brady’s signature Boston name and not-so-signature Boston good-looks were enough to charm KD.