Mini Thor throws out first pitch at Mets game

Noah Syndergaard

There’s no denying it, Chris Hemsworth has been molded into the perfect Thor. He brought the heralded comic book hero to life and has proven worthy of wielding the powerful Mjolnir.

However, some would argue there’s another, more important Thor (if you’re speaking to a Mets fan) and that’s Noah Syndergaard.

Syndergaard is the Thor to David Wright’s Captain America. The Mets’ golden future (I’m choosing to ignore his current elbow soreness). The only Thor that really mattered, that is, until we met Mini Thor.

Mini Thor, aka Ashtin, is the five-year-old Syndergaard impressionist who is winning over Mets fans everywhere.

We first saw the littler Noah playing catch in a home video and from his form, to his golden locks, it was clear the kid was a shoe-in for New York’s right-hander.

So what do you do when a cute little kid impersonates an icon? You make sure the two meet, which is what the Mets have done.

Ashtin threw out the first pitch of Wednesday’s game against the Royals, before the bigger Noah took the mound, and he was adorable. So what could be better than throwing out the first pitch?

How about meeting Thor himself? You can’t deny the similarities.

Now Mets fans, note the caption. Breathe a sigh of relief. No need to call Ashtin up to the majors…yet.