UPDATE: Kyrie Irving is shirtless, drinking rosé champagne, dancing on trucks


The Cavs’ championship parade is LIT AF.

J.R. Smith showed up with a shirt on, just to take it off. The entire court system is closed for the day. LeBron is giving out scoops on his free-agent plans (he’s staying). And there are A LOT of people. Like… A LOT.

So it’s probably no surprise that Kyrie Irving is riding one hell of a wave right now. He started off by jumping up on the roof of a car, inciting the crowd and tossing his hat into the ravenous hoard.


Notice, if you will, the shirt on his back. It did not stay there for long.


Here’s to the good life, Kyrie.

UPDATE: Kyrie is now doing the running man on the roof of a truck.