J.R. Smith put a shirt on, took it off again


It’s been 3 days since the Cavaliers defeated the Warriors to bring a championship trophy back to Cleveland. It’s also been 3 days since J.R. Smith was last seen wearing a shirt.

A shirted Smith was last seen in Vegas, when the Cavs stopped off on their way home to celebrate the win. However, said shirt was very quickly removed as soon as the party started.

The next morning, the Cavs returned home, and many people were skeptical about whether Smith would get off of the plane with his team (read: was he still alive?). But then there he was, in all his still-shirtless glory.

However, when the  Cavs showed up for the parade this morning, it looked like Smith’s shirtless-streak was over. Here he is before the start of the parade wearing a shirt:

BUT WAIT! Mere MINUTES later, J.R. Smith is seen shirtless once again!

Take a closer look: there’s that white shirt that he was just wearing tucked into his shorts.

Was Smith required to wear a shirt to the parade? Was there some sort of “No shoes, no shirt, no parade” policy? Did he just show up wearing a shirt to gain his entry and then take it off immediately?? Cue fan conspiracy theories about the “disappearance and reappearance and then disappearance again” of JR Smith’s shirt.

But the parade is for the people, and the people want a shirtless J.R. Smith. So a shirtless J.R. Smith is what they’re going to get.

Never change, J.R. Never change.

(Speaking of never changing, please note that the shorts that Smith is wearing happen to be the same black-uniform shorts the Cavs wore in their game on Sunday. Do with that information what you will).