J.R. Smith is clear MVP of Cavs’ championship parade


When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title last Sunday LeBron James was the obvious choice for Finals MVP, but someone else has stepped into the spotlight and won the title of Championship Parade MVP.

The one, the only J.R. Smith.

His prize? It probably should be a new t-shirt because he has misplaced his, but based on his antics from throughout the day he won’t get much use out of of it.

J.R. is clearly enjoying his time as an NBA Champion and why shouldn’t he? The fans in Cleveland ate up everything he did, egged him on, begged for more and pleaded with him to never put a shirt on again.

To which he agreed.

More about his mysterious missing shirt can be found here.

Mystery solved, possibly?

While his shirtless frolicking caught everyone’s attention, it’s not even the greatest moment from his time in the championship parade.

There was his attempt at being the next write-in candidate for president, “shirts optional.”

His “Lion King” impression.

Who doesn’t love a good Disney call-back?

He showed that despite being the parade MVP, he’s not too big to hang out with the fans.

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Fan Love Epic #cavsparade

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Or to stop and take a selfie.

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One of those dayz..

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Today, J.R. could do no wrong.

Just look at those fans! LeBron who? The parade was clearly J.R.’s show to run.

The Finals MVP gets all the praise, but the MVP of the championship parade has all of the fun. Kind of like being first and second in line for the throne, am I right?

Clearly J.R. is the Gronk of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but I don’t think he’s mad about it.

Why would he be? He has a trophy and Cleveland’s drought is over.

Oh, and he made his kids proud.

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Parade is insane … let's go cavs

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Though, from what I hear, Demi’s was already proud because he didn’t get cut from the team.

You do you, J.R.