Cavaliers throw rager in Las Vegas en route home to Cleveland post-NBA title


It’s good to be the Cavaliers.

After beating the Warriors in one of the best Game 7s the NBA has had in a long time, Cleveland stopped at XS in Las Vegas to celebrate their championship.

ESPN’s Arash Markazi was at the party and it looked like it was a tremendous time.

Like any good celebration, there was a lot of champagne.

Now, here was the least surprising thing of this entire party. J.R. Smith was right at the center of the party.

He poured champagne over people and convincing Iman Shumpert to join him in taking off his shirt during his favorite song.

Kevin Love decided to stick with the WWE theme of the night and add something to his ensemble.

But by far, the most interesting fashion choice was Matthew Dellavedova, who went with a Hawaiian shirt. In Las Vegas.

And a retiring Richard Jefferson goes out on top.