Video: Race car driver survives after barrel rolling 22 feet in mid-air


Most race cars are designed to be as streamlined as possible, limiting drag and providing ultimate downforce on the track to achieve maximum speeds.

Most sprint cars are similar, equipped with massive rear wing on the vehicle to drive the tires into the dirt. Some sprint cars, however, aren’t equipped with much (if any) rear downforce, forcing the driver to walk a fine line of control as the machinery is manhandled sideways around the oval.

Last weekend, 25-year-old Austin Williams lost that control during a qualifying run at Perris Auto Speedway in California and subsequently cleared a 22-foot fence.

Thankfully, Williams was able to walk away under his own power after the qualifying session was immediately red flagged.

In the 21-year history of Perris Auto Speedway, no race car of any kind has ever cleared the fence surrounding the track.

So how did it happen in the first place? Physics. Pure physics.