Somebody started GoFundMe page to get Kevin Love to sit out Game 6

Getty Images

A disgruntled Cavs fan is so unimpressed with Kevin Love’s NBA Finals performance lately that he started a GoFundMe page to pay him to sit out Game 6. Here’s the basis of the campaign:

“Kevin Love is playing like a bum and just taking up room on the court. Pay this man to take a seat and let the Cavs win these finals!!”

Seems legit.

Username “Giles Debenham” is seeking $10 million to entice Love into taking the night off. Not sure why the magic number is $10 million, but considering the fact that he makes just over $20 million a year, I mean, that’s a pretty sweet offer.

If the money exists, that is.

Literally no one has donated to the cause thus far, and Cavs fans have spurned the effort in the comments section and on Twitter.

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform in which online users can raise money to subsidize medical bills or to support families of those who have passed away, for example. Now, you can put a drop in the bucket of a giant fundraiser to illegally bribe a professional athlete to ditch his team during the playoffs. How philanthropic!

Clearly this is meant to be a joke, but it just goes to show how fair-weather fans can be. If Love nets 40 points tonight, expect the GoFundMe page to change to a fundraiser to extend his contract for another decade.