Wade Phillips’ ring has the wrong name on it

Getty Images

Names can be tough. They’re hard to pronounce, frequently hard to spell, and sometimes there’s even a case of mistaken identity, which you can now ask Wade Phillips about.

The Broncos’ defensive coordinator alerted Twitter that he had received his Super Bowl ring with the wrong name on it.

Now, if it was a misspelled name, I’d get it. “Phillips” is a hard one: is it spelled with one “l” or two? How many “p’s” are on the end?

But having an entirely wrong name on the ring is just downright confusing. It begs the question, “Who’s name is it, then?” Yet Phillips wouldn’t say. Popular opinion on Twitter is that the name on the ring is “Bum Phillips,” Wade’s dad, but if that’s true, Phillips hasn’t mentioned it.

If you could put any wrong name on Wade Phillips’ ring, what would it be?