Gronk takes ballet class from Miami City ballet principal soloist

GQ/Miami City ballet

Have you ever heard someone say football players should take ballet lessons to improve foot work and balance? No? How about dance isn’t a sport?

A recent GQ feature both of those things, proving dance is in fact a sport, by pairing Rob Gronkowski up with Miami City ballet’s principal soloist Nathalia Arja for a private ballet lesson. Arja taught the Patriots tight end the ballet basics such as a plie, fifth position and the importance soft jumps and nice, rounded arms.

The contrast between the two athletes is comical and Gronk, as always, had fun even though he was out of his comfort zone (probably not the dancing he’s used to). However, aside from the laughs and horribly bent limbs, you can really see just how much skill it takes to make ballet choreography look effortless.

On the football field you’re supposed to see the athletes looking tired because that means they gave the game their all, but on stage a ballerina can’t let the audience see them sweat, which can be 10 times more difficult.

Overall it was a fun experiment to watch (which you can do below), and while I’m sure he’d be good for lifts, he’s no Billy Elliot.