Nationals’ Bryce Harper left the team bus to give a jar of money to a homeless woman


Bryce Harper may have spent Sunday afternoon tying the MLB’s single-game walk record, but that wasn’t his most important feat of the night. That happened after the game was over and the Washington Nationals were on a bus leaving Wrigley Field after a 8-5 loss to the Cubs.

In a since deleted Facebook post, a woman that was working visitor security spotted Harper getting off the bus with a glass jar full of money and handing it to a homeless woman who was with her dog.


Now, Bryce Harper may have been taking a lot of hits lately — especially after his choice words for an umpire during Monday night’s game — but, you can’t disagree that Harper is in fact making baseball great again.

The real question though, why in the world was Harper carrying a glass jar in the first place?