Jimmy Fallon uses puppies to predict Kentucky Derby


Jimmy Fallon has really nailed this whole adorable puppy and sports thing.

In a longstanding segment, Fallon utilizes puppies to predict which team/person will win the latest sporting event. The Kentucky Derby is no exception.

The Tonight Show host had 16 puppies representing all of the horses run toward a big trough of kibble and whichever puppy reached there first would win the Kentucky Derby.

Surprisingly, this one was actually a lot closer than expected, with a photo finish showing that No. 8 Mor Spirit edged out  No. 9 Mohaymen, No. 11 Destin and real-life favorite No. 2 Nyquist.

In case you have an absurd of faith in puppies and want to make your bets with this, Mor Spirit’s odds are 12-1

The puppies actually got it right on the Super Bowl, accurately predicting that the Broncos would win and the team from Denver did.