Rob Gronkowksi claims he doesn’t like beer

AP Photo

Remember that one time Rob Gronkowski opened a beer with his teeth and chugged it at the Patriots Super Bowl parade? Well, as it turns out party boy Gronk, doesn’t actually like beer.

Or so he claims in an interview segment where he also insists that his go-to drink is “Vodka water, with a splash of cranberry. You have to stay hydrated while you get a little tipsy.”

And while it seems more fiction than fact that Patriots’ tight end doesn’t enjoy to kickback with a cold brew, he claims “It tastes weird.”

But no worries. Apparently the right mood can change his mind, “Sometimes, depending on the mood. Like,  you brought me out tonight, you put LMFAO on, you threw a keg stand there, you never know.”

So moral of the story? If you ever want to enjoy a nice cold brew with America’s favorite tight end, just throw on “Party Rock Anthem” and make sure there’s a keg.