Lyla Oshie makes it clear she doesn’t like the Penguins

Monsportsnet Instagram

Lyla Oshie knows where her hockey allegiances lie, and it’s not with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As the daughter of Washington Capitals alternate captain, T.J. Oshie and his wife Lauren, Lyla’s made it pretty clear that she’s a fan of the Caps and you’re never too young to get in on an NHL rivalry.

This year take your child to work day fell on the same day of Game 1 between Pittsburgh and Washington and the Monumental Sports Network made sure to capitalize on the good fortune with a Lauren and Lyla Instagram take over.

Throughout the day you see posts of Lyla as she gets prepared for the night’s big game in her Washington jersey and matching kicks, of course. From her pre-game meal to the all-important pre-game nap (it was more T.J. doing that than Lyla), she was living the life.

However, the best posts are the ones when she’s pledging her allegiance to her dad’s team and literally kicking over the Penguins with all her might.

Just look at that force. Lyla isn’t messing around and she’s ready for the Caps to take it in four (they hope).