Eli Apple accused of not being able to cook, mom, Ezekiel Elliott defend his skills


Leading up to the NFL draft, scouts evaluate just about everything about a player. They evaluate his speed, agility, pass-rush ability, vertical, and a player’s character.

Sometimes scouts get things wrong, they are human after all. In this case, one anonymous scout definitely got this evaluation wrong.

According to an anonymous NFL scout cited in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Ohio State’s Eli Apple has no life skills because he can’t cook.  (I didn’t realize that you needed to be able to make crème brûlée in order to be a good NFL draft pick, but I digress.)

Here’s the problem: Eli can cook. And not just ramen and eggs like many college students. Fellow Buckeye and potential first-rounder Ezekiel Elliott took to Twitter to tell us that Eli’s made him mac n’ cheese and fried chicken before. No, we don’t think he means Kraft.


While I’m sure Eli appreciated his teammate jumping to his defense, Elliott was a bit behind Eli’s mom, Annie Apple, who informed us that Eli’s dad is a former five-star chef.

How do you like them apples?