WATCH: Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas brings young sons to press conference

NBC Sports

Move over Riley, it’s time to make room for the Thomas brothers.

Riley Curry burst onto the scene during last year’s NBA playoffs thanks to her adorable, show-stealing press conference appearances along side her dad Stephen, but it looks like the three-year old has some stiff competition.

Following the Celtics’ series-tying win over the Hawks, Boston’s Isaiah Thomas, who had 28 points in the 104-95 OT victory, was accompanied by his two young sons in the postgame press conference. The two youngsters, Jaden and James, had fun checking out the microphone and Gatorade as they patiently waited for Isaiah to finish, but once the reporters had their say it was the boys’ time to have some fun.

They both seemed a bit timid at first, however, once Jaden realized just how loud the mic made them they let their cute personalities shine through. James even made sure the reporters knew his dad is “the greatest basketball player,” (Riley may disagree).

The best part, though? Jaden’s conference-ending thank you, because everyone likes to be appreciated.

Check out the video below for the full press conference.