Reminiscing on Vince Carter and Paul Pierce competing in a dunk contest in high school

Getty Images

Vince Carter is arguably the NBA’s best-ever dunker (just watch the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest again if there’s anyone who disagrees) but some may be surprised that Paul Pierce went toe for toe in dunks with Vinsanity in a slam competition years ago…in high school.

Yes, before both launched epic, Hall of Fame-likely careers in the NBA after being drafted in 1998 draft lottery, they faced each other in the McDonalds’ All-American dunk contest. While it isn’t surprising to see Carter there, as he’s had some epic slams over an almost 20-year career, it’s stunning to see Pierce, who isn’t known for athleticism and is lauded as an old school player, holding his own in the contest’s finals.

On an interesting side note, Kevin Garnett has long been an admirer of Carter’s dunks. From the aforementioned 2000 contest to the punishing dunk on Frederic Weis, KG has often shown his support in a very enthusiastic manner. That apparently has been around since the mid 90s, watch the 40th second of the video for proof.