Mike Trout takes on Draymond Green and Steph Curry in a game of PIG


Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout might be known for his skills on the baseball field, but after the Warriors’ practice on Tuesday he can also add basketball to his resume.

Trout joined his other Angels’ teammate Albert Pujols in a visit to Golden State. They presented Steph Curry with a personalized Angels jersey — and of course challenged the Warriors to a battle of the ages: a game of PIG.

And while one might think that NBA players, on a team that is about to break the record for most wins in a season, could take on a baseball player — that wasn’t the case. In an upset, it was Trout that ran away with the win against Draymond Green.

Though, Trout probably should have quit while he was ahead as when he took on Curry, he lost. Big time.

But, who knows, maybe at the next visit he’ll leave with a 10-day contract.