’85 Sixers-Villanova scrimmage another example of why college teams can’t beat pro teams


It’s fun to sometimes think about college teams competing against professional teams. It’s pretty much what everyone has been doing this year with the Philadelphia 76ers and Alabama football in their respective sports.

But let’s be real: If it did happen, the games would be so lopsided.

Need another example?

Julius Erving told TMZ Sports recently that his Philadelphia 76ers took on the 1985 National Champion Villanova Wildcats in a scrimmage, and the 76ers ‘dusted ’em off by about 40 or 50 points.’

This is the Villanova team that played “the perfect game” to beat a heavily-favored Georgetown squad.

And while the ’85 76ers aren’t slouches (their record that year was 58-24), it’s pretty clear college teams can’t keep up with any professional teams, no matter how much we’d like to think they could.