Dwyane Wade crashes Kobe Bryant’s press conference


Even though the Miami Heat lost in shockingly devastating fashion to the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night (we’re talking OT), everyone still seemed to be in good spirits. Dwyane Wade even decided to make an uninvited appearance at Kobe Bryant’s press-conference.

Barging into the room, Wade announced it was time for Bryant to wrap it up and his wife was waiting.

“We got some business to talk about. I told your wife I was coming to get you, so I did my job. Let him go, y’all.” Wade exclaimed.

And wait there’s more. The Black Mamba decided to retaliate by throwing some shots back insisting, “By the way, he knows he’s going to be the oldest guy in the league next year.”

Now, please note, Wade is only 34 and not even close to being the oldest active NBA player. That accolade goes to Andre Miller, the 40-year old point guard for the Spurs.

Either way, Wednesday night marked the last time Wade and Bryant would ever meet on the court. And it also marks, the countdown.

Seven more Kobe games left. It’s time we all start prepping those farewell tweets.