WATCH: Baylor’s Kim Mulkey loses it, throws jacket into crowd


Baylor lost to Oregon State in the Elite Eight of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament on Monday night and no one took the loss harder than Kim Mulkey.

With less than five minutes left in the second quarter and Baylor down by 5 points, Mulkey got visibly upset with a turnover on the court. So upset not only did she yell at the referees, which is typical behavior for an upset coach, but she also flung her jacket into the crowd in a fit of hot rage. She earned herself a technical foul for it.

I don’t know what’s the best part of this video. The fact that after the throw, Mulkey continued to watch the game as if nothing happened or that a girl from the crowd went and placed the jacket behind the coach’s chair, while her friend nonchalantly shook her head.

Either way, it’s a shame Baylor didn’t make the Final Four. We won’t get an opportunity to see Mulkey in action until next season.