Dan Shaughnessy responds to UCONN’s Geno Auriemma on Boston radio show


Dan Shaughnessy, the Boston Globe columnist, went on the Boston-area radio show Toucher and Rich to respond to Geno Auriemma’s comments after the Huskies win over Mississippi State.

“There are a lot better writers than Dan Shaughnessy, but that doesn’t mean he’s bad for the game,” Auriemma said at the podium on Sunday.

Shaughnessy, who is in Florida covering the Boston Red Sox spring training, admitted he doesn’t watch women’s college basketball and says that Auriemma’s comments about his team were totally fair.

Here’s what Shaugnessy said when asked about Geno’s comments:

“Last time I had them on (ESPN), it was 29-4 in the tournament, let’s see where this goes. And the next thing you know, it’s 100-0 again. And it’s like this is the NCAA tournament, the Sweet 16. Now, it doesn’t make them bad. Like I said, don’t want to punish them for their greatness, but it’s not good for viewers and for ESPN. I know they’re all defending it, but they can’t be liking this either-when your tournament, your featured thing has 60-point victories by one team that’s won 119 out of 120 by an average margin of 19. You don’t win by 60 in the tournament folks.”

“What I like about sports is competition. You tune in who’s going to win. When that’s extracted, it’s not for me, that’s all.”

When confronted with other teams, such as the Warriors, the Celtics and the UCLA Bruins, Shaughnessy said that there was at least a contest.

No matter what Shaughnessy says, it’s clear that the UConn team is focused on their game this evening and not Shaughnessy comments, as they encouraged him not to watch them take on Texas Monday evening.