WATCH: UNC guard interrupts press conference thinking he had a spot

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We all have had those moments where we do things that we wish we didn’t or that we could take back. Those moments of pride where you feel you deserve something but deep down you know you don’t.

North Carolina guard Theo Pinson had one of those moments Friday evening.

Top-seeded UNC men’s basketball defeated the No. 5 Indiana Hoosiers 101-86 in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament.

Following any contest, the biggest contributors as well as the coach from each team are usually interviewed during a joint press conference. Well, Pinson believed that he should have been part of that press conference.

As the UNC press conference was set to begin, Pinson is seen walking to the table where his teammates and coach occupied all the seats. Pinson then asks “Where’s my chair at? Where’s my name at?”

The media room bursts out laughing and Pinson eventually leaves the room. To be fair, Pinson shouldn’t have been there anyway because he was outscored by six of his teammates, but it was still funny to see him try.

My advice to Theo would be to shake it off and score big points in the Elite Eight, then maybe he can get a seat at the conference.

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