Top WR recruit jumps over three people in dunk contest


Donovan Peoples-Jones is the top rated WR in the class of 2017 and No. 5 overall prospect according to 24/7 Sports.

However, Peoples-Jones might consider opening up his recruitment for basketball after he performed a show-stopping dunk at a high school dunk contest.

Now what Peoples-Jones did doesn’t compare to what Zach LaVine or Aaron Gordon did in the NBA dunk contest, but was still special nonetheless.

Yes ladies and gentleman, Peoples-Jones jumped over not one, not two but three people! Interestingly enough, Peoples-Jones dunked over two people in this exact event a year ago, but I’m sure nobody is mad that he decided to outdo himself.

What makes the dunk special is that it looks phenomenal in every angle.

If these are the kind of hops that Peoples-Jones can display on the field, then my condolences to opposing cornerbacks.

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