Braxton Miller chimes in on Ohio State Michigan Twitter rivalry with epic split screen photo


Oh snap. If you haven’t already, get out the popcorn.

Former Ohio State quarterback/wide receiver Braxton Miller jumped into the Ohio State-Michigan Twitter rivalry on Wednesday. He tweeted a split screen photo of Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. Meyer is lifting the BCS trophy, while Harbaugh is shirtless holding a football.

This is the latest in a string of tweets from both Michigan and Ohio State staff. It all began with AD Gene Smith saying that Harbaugh’s Florida practices would be something he would do if he were trying to “jumpstart his program.”

Harbaugh responded by referencing the Ohio State tattoo scandal and saying that Smith is now relevant again.

Miller was just following the lead of another former Ohio State player, Ezekiel Elliott, who had the best reply to Harbaugh’s tweet.