Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford dies

Getty Images

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford died Tuesday at the age of 46, the city’s current mayor, John Tory, announced.

Ford, a bombastic and controversial political figure in Canada, had battled cancer since 2014. He was serving as a councilman at the time of his death after scandals marred his four-year term as mayor of Toronto.

Ford became an international celebrity as a result of the scandals, most of which revolved around his drug and alcohol use while in office. Ford eventually admitting to smoking crack cocaine while holding the office of mayor, wearing a now-infamous NFL logo tie during the proceedings.

Ford eventually attended rehab and attempted to run for mayor again in 2014, garnering solid support before dropping out due to his health issues.

Ford was a presence at Maple Leafs games and attended one of the Buffalo Bills’ games hosted in Toronto while under intense scrutiny.