Boaty McBoatface, the lovable proposed name for British NERC ship, likely to be canned

The Guardian

So remember when everyone thought the British government was pretty cool for allowing the public on social media to determine the name of its Natural Environment Research Council research vessel? As it turns out, everyone has their limits, especially when social media is involved.

Boaty McBoatface emerged as the leading candidate for the sea vehicle, gaining 27,000 votes compared to the second-best option getting 3,000. It beat out the inspirational Henry Worsley, a former British Army officer and explorer who died this past January trying to cross Antarctica unaided, as well as David Attenborough, Pillar of Autumn and NottheTitanic among others. However, considering the prestige involved, it’s not surprised that the British government will likely overrule the vote to name the boat something else.

Lord West, ex-First Sea Lord, commented on recent events saying, he was “rather proud ‘silly names’ had been suggested but hoped none were chosen.” Twitter and one major national British publication appears to think otherwise.