Bill Belichick is REALLY enjoying his offseason

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For years Bill Belichick has been infamously terse when appearing in public. He doesn’t go off on rants, he doesn’t seem happy to speak in front of the media and NEVER smiles unless he’s holding the Lombardi Trophy.

But over the last couple of weeks, something has happened to dear old Bill:

Don’t focus on Kid Rock (it’s not 1999, so why would you?) just notice how happy Belichick is. Guess Mr. Rock showed him how to be a cowboy.

The parade of smiles doesn’t end there. Here’s another:

and another:

and another:

(Hey look he’s wearing a hoodie with sleeves!)

Belichick is clearly having the best offseason of his life, maybe the pressure of never having to worry about facing Peyton Manning ever again has brightened his spirits.

Or perhaps there is another reason why he’s so happy: