Celebrate 3/16 day with the best Stone Cold Stunners of all time

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It’s March 16th, which means it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin day! So get ready to enjoy the five best Stone Cold Stunners of all time.

Donald Trump at WrestleMania 23

Back in 2007 the battle of the billionaires took place in Detroit as Vince McMahon (represented by Umaga) squared off against Donald Trump (represented by Bobby Lashley).

But it was Stone Cold who got the last laugh.

Somewhere Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are jealous.

The Rock at WrestleMania 17

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson always sold the Stone Cold Stunner like a champ, but this one might have been his best.

Hulk Hogan after RAW ended

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan appeared to be headed for a once in a lifetime match at WrestleMania 18, but Austin didn’t believe the match would live up to the heightened expectations, so instead we got this brief moment of physicality between the two that wasn’t aired live.

Hopefully Gawker is taking some notes.

Shane McMahon on RAW

Never trust the rattlesnake after he gives you a Steveweiser.

The WWE Whale

Scott Hall at WrestleMania 18

Just look at the hang time.

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