Five alternatives to pie celebrations on Pi day


Mathematicians emerge very year on March 14th to celebrate on Pi day. There’s a lot of talk on 3/14 about different types of pie, the number’s incredible amount of digits and so many math puns.

We’re not sure how the Baltimore Orioles are doing on Pi day, considering the team banned pie celebrations because they are considered a safety hazard.

Here are five alternatives to pie celebrations.

Chocolate Syrup

The Washington Nationals made the chocolate syrup celebration popular over the last two seasons and fans are obsessed. Max Scherzer explained that chocolate sauce is the perfect topping for ice cream, so he figured it would be a good celebration. The one component that is not exactly celebration-friendly? The cleanup. It takes more than two hours to get the chocolate syrup out of a uniform.

Sunflower Seeds

Gatorade or water wasn’t good enough for Mets’ Juan Lagares. He decided that a sunflower seed shower would be the best way to celebrate a John Mayberry, Jr. walkoff single in a 14-inning game against the St. Louis Cardinals


Stay with me here. Warriors’ Steph Curry was in a postgame interview when Draymond Green snuck up behind him and doused him with water.

Curry’s reaction of ‘mother sucker’ might be the most media-conscious move by a NBA player ever.


The Miami Marlins were a little unprepared last season. They came back against Tampa twice in the 10th inning and won 10-9, but it was pretty clear they didn’t have a celebration ready. Dee Gordon improvised and dunked on Christian Yelich. It was one of the more original celebrations that happened recently.

…and the classic Gatorade

The original celebration.