Kawasaki serenades the Cubs with Aerosmith

Chicago Cubs

Munenori Kawasaki is bringing the Chicago Cubs together through song.

Having signed a minor league contract with the Cubs, which happened to include a spot in spring training, Kawasaki through caution to the wind and made a long-lasting impression with his hilarious rendition of Aeorosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” Now, he’s no Steven Tyler, but he’s not the first karaoke singer to belt it out to the the classic “Armageddon” track with some friends and come up short.

It’s the effort that counts and better yet, his teammates got into it too! The video posted by the Cubs’ Twitter account shows the athletes cheering Kawaskai on while rocking (pun very much intended) some Japanese headbands. Even Joe Maddon got in on the fun, so really, it’s an all around win.