Who did it better? Steve Ballmer vs. Brad Stevens dunking off trampolines (VIDEO)


Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine better watch out.

Sure, they dazzled us a couple of weeks ago in one of the greatest dunk contests of all-time, but now they’ve slid to the back page.

First, Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens caught some attention with an off-the-trampoline dunk. Look close and you will even see Stevens cock the right arm back a bit before throwing it down for a few extra style points.

Next up? Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer of course.

Ballmer unleashed a thunderous slam off a trampoline after the team introduced its new (and quite terrifying) mascot “Chuck the Condor.”

What’s better than a dunk-off featuring a 39-year-old NBA head coach and the 59-year-old former CEO of Microsoft? Nothing.

Ballmer vs. Stevens, who you got?